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Why am I Kinky? is a book for those who are into BDSM as a sexual taste. Have you ever wondered why you are into BDSM? Why there tend to be more people of the submissive persuasion than those of the dominant persuasion? Why do the characteristics of female dominating male and male dominating female tend to differ? Why am I Kinky? proposed reasoned answers with explanations to these questions. Written in similar style to a research paper with references, taking a look at those who like BDSM, without assuming it’s who you are as a person.   Why am I Kinky? proposes that enjoying both roles (switching) is a preference that can be chosen, looking at the underlying reasons why. This is not an erotic book or a “how-to”, but is for those interested in seeking potential avenues to learn more about themselves. Available at most online retailers.
BDSM Why am I Kinky? Observations & Theories About BDSM